Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My husband and I got iPhones this week.

(RIP Blackberry. It was a great three years. But, your browser was making me nutty. Among other things.)

I've been having fun with Instagram - taking fun photos of my kids when we're out and about and sharing them on Facebook or texting them to my husband.

My first two photos:

1. Big milestone: Whit can now sit up in the cart at Target. He is so proud of himself. He laughs and bounces and giggles all through the store - much to the delight of the shoppers who stop to admire him - and in true baby fashion, totally stops doing any of that when I try to take his picture.

2. I took the boys to the mall today. The best part of the mall to them? The rides. I usually don't give them any money to actually "ride" them, but today, I gave in and they had a ball.

Cost of the cuteness in this second photo: $.75.

And, since we're talking iPhones, I'd love to hear what your favorite apps are.

Any suggestions?



  1. I'm not very "hip" in the apps department (or music either for that matter just so you know)... but here are my faves: twitter, facebook, around me, solitaire, matching zoo, ibooks, pandora radio, words with friends, grocery gadget. Can't wait to see what others use!

  2. I love my iPhone!! I just got it and an iPad in April. Now I don't know how I lived without it. My favorite Apps....

    Amazon & Amazon Price Checker - I love the price checker because you can scan a barcode in the store and see if it is a good deal or not. It will show you the current price online.

    Grocery iQ is another favorite. You can load seperate grocery lists for different stores so you always have your list with you. You can scan barcodes to add them to your list as well. You can organize the items into ailes that match your store too. It's fabulous!

    Productivity -
    TextFree - free texting. I get 250 with my service but I have been texting way more than that so I love knowing it is free. We added this to my daughter's iPod Touch and she can now text her friend. Now worries!

    Recipes -
    EatingWell, Whole Foods, Women's Day Cooking Asst, Jamie Oliver Recipes, Cook's, RecipeGrazer, Avocados, Everyday FoodFaves

    Reading -
    YouVersion (Bible)- all versions and many many languages. It's cool!

    Health / Wellness -
    Nutrition - you can enter your food and find all the nutritional information for the portion / item. It will track weight, exercise and water.

    Games -
    Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Ninja, SpiderJack, Smurfs, Pig Shot, Hungry Hamsters

    Finding Free Apps -
    App Hits, FreeAppADay, FreeAppKing, i Like Free

    That should be enough. :) Yes it manages my life.

  3. I use HomeRoutines to organize all my tasks to keep my home clean. It reminds me at various intervals of what needs to be cleaned that day, week, or month.

    I use Grocery Gadget for my grocery shopping lists.

    Zenbe Lists is another good task list app.

    I use VehiCal (free!) to track my car expenses including gas and gas mileage.

    YouVersion Bible is awesome. I have used it at church quite a few times.

    Words with Friends and Angry Birds are some addictive games.

    Flixter for movies

    Pandora for music.

  4. My husband and I got rid of our BlackBerry Tours three weeks ago and replaced them with Verizon iPhones. We've wanted them for years, but we waited until they were available for Verizon.

    We're both trying to drop a few pounds this summer, so we love the Lose It! app. It tracks your calories (homemade foods and restaurant stuff) and it really does keep you accountable. Facebook and Twitter look so much better on the iPhone than on the Blackberry. There's also a Photoshop app that can do some basic editing to your camera photos.

  5. What is your username on Instagram? I love it! (asmanyasgiven is me)

    I got my phone in January and I'm sure I am still not using it to the best of its capability. Since you have young kids you might like some games like Toddler Teasers, SuperWhy (you have to pay but my 3 yo loves it), Where's Waldo, ISpy. My bigger kids (and husband) love Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja. I like Sudoku.

    I love baseball so I paid the 15 dollars for the MLB AtBat 2011 app to follow my team pitch-by-pitch when I can't watch the game on TV. This was great when our kids were at their own games!

  6. fav apps so far...

    instagram (of course!)

    8mm -very cool it makes your videos look vintage

    whatsApp- lets me text my american buddies for FREE!

    couch to 5K- teaching me to run :)

    slimdown- daily encouragement from Jillian Michaels

    bodytracker- my hubby's app that helps me keep track of my measurements/weight loss as i learn to run & get my butt kicked by jillian :)

    angry birds- my evan loves it and i have to admit it is addicting.

    FocusDaily- focus on the family podcasts

    looking forward to seeing more fun suggestions :)

  7. geoQpons, words with friends, myfitnesspal, instagram and FastFood.