Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Night In

It's raining here in Michigan today.

And, my husband is out on business tonight, so we're hanging out in the hotel room for the evening. Me and my four little buddies.

I thought about attempting the pool with them, but then I realized that no number of hands laid on that water or prayers sent to God in heaven would make me feel comfortable with taking them there alone. Especially considering one of my children baptized the place in poo the other night.

Yes. It happens to us, too. If you've never had a wet, dripping child poo at the pool, in or out of the water, you cannot get the Superhero Mom badge on your Pioneer Girl sash. Period.

So, the bigs are soaking up EVERY minute they can of a luxury they don't have at home.



*We watch all of our shows or movies through Netflix. We do miss cable from time to time, mostly for sports, but this past year, we have been working on living with less. Also known as "The Dave Ramsey Plan". It's not always easy, but it's been a very rewarding year for us as we learn to do without.


  1. oh dear. now while i haven't experienced the poo in a pool, we have had it in the bath!! fun times =)
    we don't have a tv at all, so we watch via the internet on bbc iplayer. i would say though for sports through yahoo eurosport which is a just like $2/month for us. they might have something similar in the states =)

  2. i heart dave ramsey!

    we haven't had cable for close to 3 years now. i don't really miss it except for some sporting events but we usually can find them on line. we do netflix quite a bit as well. we do get local channels through cable so our tivo would still work. i could give up cable but not my tivo ha!

    when we were in cali a few weeks ago, after spending an entire day sightseeing we got back to the room around 6 pm and were beat. none of us could muster any energy to do anything else so we turned on the tv ... oh how we enjoyed an american pickers marathon. there is such an abundance of shows. it made me miss cable a tinge but also made me happy to know i didn't have 100 channels of distraction at home :o)

  3. This vacation sounds absolutely perfect... fun outings with time at the pool... embarrassing moments in the lobby, and the perfect dose of downtime as well. Vacation as it is meant to be. Glad your having so much fun!