Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Snuggle Up Together Place

I remember so fondly my parent's bed.

The covers were so soft.
Mom's pillow always smelled like her hair.
It was the biggest, most comfortable bed in the whole wide world.

My mom read The Chronicles of Narnia to my brothers and sisters there. Sometimes at naptime. Sometimes at night.

I felt like I could sink down and get lost in its softness - just like Lucy got lost in the softness of the fur coats in the back of that wardrobe.

Just like I did, my boys love our bed.

They love to crawl under the covers and snuggle up to my pillow and if one of them is sick, I know they will find comfort and sweet sleep in our bed.

Every night, it's our snuggle up together place. After their bath, my buddies put on their pajamas and crawl into our bed - pulling up the covers around them and giggling and jostling for position. We put on a half hour cartoon for them - something like Rocky and Bullwinkle or Felix the Cat - and we, my husband and I, often snuggle up on the bed with them.

It's crowded. We'd love a king-sized bed so we can all stretch out just a bit more. But, for now, it's our snuggle in tight, end of a long day, we love our family, so thankful for each other place.

As I look at this picture, someone precious to us is missing. Someone all five of us are crazy about.

But, even in this photo, it's as if we're saving a spot for him - right next to his big brother, Jack.

In a year or so, it will also be the snuggle up together spot for the tiny one who is already sleeping soundly in his crib when we share this special time together.

Our family.

In our snuggle up together place.



  1. We had snuggle time in our bed too. It's a great memory!

  2. For a minute, I thought you were telling us there was going to be another member to your family. I had to read it again. :) Not enough sleep and not enough caffeine here! Cute pic. I wish our bed was big enough - we're still suffering (?) on a full-size bed. But we're saving up for a queen. :)