Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cheesecakes and Pies

I baked a pie today.

Another pie.

I am a girl who, if I find an article of clothing that I really like, will buy one in every color. I will not buy them all on that initial visit to the store, because spreading out the purchases seems to help justify buying THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER. So, I'll go back to the store several times over the course of a couple of weeks until I have a rainbow in my closet of the SAME SHIRT.

I am like this with baking, too. It's in my genes. I'm certain of it. Because my sister is like this, too. I burst into laughter when I walked into her house last week because I spotted FIVE blocks of cream cheese softening on her counter. I was still full from the slice of cheesecake I'd eaten at her house the night before.

She came walking down the stairs, rounded the corner, saw my eyebrow raised at the cream cheese party happenin' next to her stove, and we both lost it.

I have issues, she said. I can't stop baking cheesecakes.

(I KNOW. It must be Mom's fault. I can't stop BUYING THE SAME SHIRT!)

So, she was baking another cheesecake. I'm not sure how many she's made in the last two months, but let's just say her springform pan is exhausted.

And, I'm baking pies. I dream about baking pies. It's crazy.

Well, today - I made this one.


Pies are so delicious - and, I love how beautiful they are. No two of them are ever the same. The crusts ripple and wave over whatever is inside of them at their will and cleverly mask the surprise that's underneath.

Well, for everyone but the baker - who holds all the secrets.

There are only five ingredients underneath that crust up there creating all those ripples and waves. Five ingredients. That's it.

You will love this pie. You will love knowing how to make it. It's so easy and I've got one of my favorite pie tricks to show you on this one, too.

Recipe (and pictures and tricks) tomorrow!


  1. I confess I'm the same way with shirts, but I don't bother getting them in different colors. If it fits well, I think, "well, it will wear out. I'd better get a couple more."

    It's an illness, I tell you. I have a drawer full of black shirts. They all fit perfectly.

    Can't wait for the pie recipe! I love the southwestern egg rolls a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Never ever dream about making pies, but always dream about having babies. What does that say about me? LOL I NEED to be a grandma! (and I do NOT need pie...ahhhhh, those tight short are so cruel!)

  3. I recall a certain newlywed Sarah who said, "I want to master pies. I hear they're hard to make."

    Totally impressed then and now. :)

    Now send some over, you goose.