Sunday, July 10, 2011

"The Cuter"

Mr. Whitman.

He is almost 11 months old now. He is 15 pounds, 5 ounces and 27 1/2 inches long.

He is still tiny for his age, but he's growing and healthy and he has been a dream baby. All five of us love him to pieces, and he's never wanting for attention or love - especially from his big brothers.

On our last visit to see our family in MD, the boys fell in love with their cousin, Kullen. They couldn't get over his chubby cheeks. So, they fondly nicknamed him, "The Chubster".

Shortly after we returned from that trip, Jack and I had a conversation:

"Mom, what can we call Whitman? He's not chubby like Kullen. Whit can't be 'The Chubster'".

"No", I answered. "He's not really chubby. 'The Chubster' wouldn't be a good nickname for Whit."

"But, Mom - Whit is really cute."

"Now, that he is."

"So, let's call him 'The Cuter'".

And, with that conversation, Whit became "The Cuter".


On any given day. At any given time.

Any or all of the above can be heard as we call out the name of our favorite, tiny, blue-eyed baby.


I love the stories of how funny nicknames for littles are born and then just - stick.

What are some of the nicknames of your kids?

I'd love to hear them.


  1. Our second daughter is named Madeleine. She is 8 now. When she was born our oldest daughter was only 1. She heard us call Madeleine "Maddie" and when she would say it sounded like "Nanny" so we called Madeleine "Nanny" for a long time. We don't do it much now though.

    My second son is named Timmy (fourth kid). My husband would sing that song from "Big" that says something like "chimmy chimmy cocoa pops" only he changed it to Timmy Timmy cocoa bops. So now we call him Bops.

    And finally our baby is called Bubbers. He's a boy, we already have a Buddy (oldest son) and a Bops, and Bubs is what first came up, but now it is Bubbers, Bubster, Bubbykins, etc. :)

  2. We only have one child so far, and she has so many nicknames I can hardly count them! Her first nickname was Little Britches. Somehow my husband started calling me Britches, and when I got pregnant her nickname followed. We also call her Biscuit (because the top of her head smelled like a biscuit when she was a baby), Frybread, Kidstuff, and some other names I can't remember at the moment.

  3. My daughter Kirra is "Bean". She started climbing before she could walk and now at 5 climbs the big 40 ft. rock walls. My SIL started calling her Kirrabeaner instead of Carabineer. Then it just got shortened to Bean. She answers better to Bean than to her name.

  4. The boys couldn't remember their new cousin's name "Rebeka" and when our youngest said it sorta sounded like "backup". Since then, she is Baby Backup...even if she is three now. ;)

  5. Initially our older kids did not like the name Elias so it quickly shortened to Eli. I was fine with that but one day my oldest (aka the Lukester) started calling him something that sounds like baybuh coo coo. I don't know where he heard it or what inspired him but it stuck. I'm sorry to say it has also morphed into many variations such as coo and baybo. Poor thing.

  6. Lindsey gave nicknames to both of her sisters. Alicia was nay-nay-rake-a-bootee shortening to Nay-nay (I think because he middle name is Renee) and Jenna was Dar-dar-tay-su-ra. Don't ask me how or why.

    Later Alicia became "Bootsy" because around 3 years of age she sported cowboy boots with her bathing suit everyday. Jenna became little dude and that name still slips out now and then from your momma's lips.

  7. Our oldest child was called Bumby for years because of this adorable little humming noise she used to constantly make. Now she is "Honey," because our youngest daughter refuses to call her by her name. She just asks for Honey. It is so cute that it stuck. Our middle daughter, Alaina, had the cutest lisp and couldn't hack the L in her name, so she referred to herself at Nina. It also stuck.

  8. Grandpa nicknamed the oldest one "Froggy Man" because of a shirt he was wearing when they came to visit. And because he thought it as hilarious to make a 3 month old baby "jump" in his lap. The baby loved it too, but that nickname has kind of worn off now.
    The "baby" at 16 months we called Sad Panda baby because for some reason he just looked like a panda. Especially when he was sad. It didn't help that awhile later I found a onesie that made him look like a panda! But I don't know how long that will stick either although I do still call him that now. :)

  9. When Adam was a tiny baby I had been out with him doing errands and when we came home I told Doug Adam must have gotten my shopping gene because it seemed like he got more lively and awake the more we shopped. I said he was like a rocket booster, firing up and then gunning for lift off. So that day he became "Booster"...."Boo" for short.