Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello, Kindergarten!

My boys go to a year-round school. We have a choice of sending our children to a traditional school (end of August - June) or to send them to a year-round school - where they get traditional holiday breaks, but instead of one long summer break, they get four (three-week) breaks at various times throughout the year.

We have chosen to send our kids to the year-round option for a variety of reasons. It is HOT down here in the summer, so having our children home for long breaks during the fall, winter, and spring months when the weather is much more pleasant is one of the things we love most about this schedule.

Also, because my husband works from home, trying to keep our kids entertained and out of my husband's hair for 12 weeks straight (in the heat of summer) would make us all a little coo-coo.

And, we love having them home throughout the year. As soon as I start to really, really miss them, they come home for a few weeks. And, they get a great time of refreshment before heading back.

It just works for us - all the way around.

Well, guess who started Kindergarten this week?

Our Max.


Last Monday, he went to his first day - an assessment day with five of his other classmates to determine his class placement. Then he had to wait all week long - while Jack started his first week of first grade. (Jack is in FIRST grade this year. WHAT?)

While my heart can hardly believe that my little baby boy with those chubby cheeks is now starting Kindergarten - all day, five days a week - I am so happy and excited for him.


Max is so happy and excited. How could I not share in his joy?


We went as a family to take Max to his assessment day, and we went as a family to his first official day of school this morning.

We are crazy about these two little boys.


Jason walked them in today while I waited with Lincoln and Whit in the car.

Max skipped. He is so ready.

Jack played the big brother and led the way.

I am happy. I am. But, can I be a bit heartbroken, too?


As they stood on our front steps this morning, I couldn't help but think that life is as it should be. These two are together, again.

They wake up together.
They play together.
And, now - they go to school together.


But, the icing on their school-shaped cake?

Their cousin, Nathan, is going to Kindergarten at their school with them, too.

Yes. It is just as it should be.




  1. They are looking so old! How did this happen? Glad Max is happy though, and yes - you can feel a little melancholy. It's a Mom thing!

  2. Oh my goodness! I stopped to leave a comment because of the backpacks! Please like at this post of my boys from two years ago and their first days of school. Same backpacks! I love that!

    What a sweet post. I know you'll miss the boys when they're gone all day and I know your two little ones will miss them too.

  3. I really wish our school district would transition to year-round school! My husband's a teacher and I would love for him to have regular long breaks throughout the year instead of one long when the weather's so hot.

    Your boys are looking so big...I bet you are so proud of them!

  4. Precious!

    Is it easier when TWO go to school? Was it harder when Jack went to kindergarten?


  5. Once again, an amazing post with pictures to go right long. Congratulations to Jack and Max and best of luck on a GREAT year.

  6. yay for Max! He looks so ready, and I'm sure he's gonna love it. It's a loooong summer for Tucker - he is so ready to join his siblings as he starts Kindergarten this year.

  7. So sweet! I really like the idea of year-round school. I don't have children, but when I do I would like to have this as an option.

  8. How did this happen that he is old enough for school????? I know he will love it - and how great that his cousin is there too. Nothing better than family!

  9. I want to come on Grandparent's day :D

    Wow, precious little Max, I can't stand it!