Sunday, July 17, 2011

Once Upon A Time

If you asked me to tell you a story illustrating what it means to raise a little boy, I wouldn't need a bucket of words to create colorful descriptions of our days together.

In fact, I wouldn't need any words at all.

I would simply show you this photo.

And, say...

The End.



  1. from the chocolate (??) on his face, to the dirt or is it more chocolate (??)on his fingers, to the mischievous look in his eye, to his handsome little smirk, to the teeny tiny frog...

    the perfect story from beginning to end.

    great shot!

  2. Yes - that pretty much says it all!

  3. Your photos are absolutely breath taking and they tell great stories. Thank you for sharing your boys and your gifts(photos, writing, recipes, the list is endless:)

  4. As a mom who cannot stand creepy crawlers, I would act all cool and stuff, and as soon as the little guy was out of sight, I'd do a heebie-jeebie dance. :)

  5. I love this picture! What a great shot :)

  6. Love that picture! I have 6 boys all in a row - so I know what you mean. A great definition I heard of what "boy" means is: a noise with dirt on it. Enjoy those boys!
    New commenter - Diana from Seattle