Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Other Part of the Story

I didn't tell you the whole story the other day.

Because I wanted to just celebrate my two oldest buddies starting school.
Because I wanted to celebrate Max's first day.
Because I wanted to celebrate joy.


That wasn't the whole story.

While this was happening...


So was this.


I want to go with Jack and Max.
Mommy, let me out.
I want to go to school, too.

I wondered. And, it happened.

It broke my heart all over, again.

But, even though it's hard to see Lincoln hurting by being (temporarily) separated from his brothers, I wanted to capture this moment before I scooped him up and held him.

Because his tears paint a beautiful picture:

My children share a close and fierce bond with one another.

And, the tears streaming down his cheeks tell that story so well.



  1. Oh, I'm sure your heart was breaking. Hope Lincoln is adjusting quickly...

  2. the bond between them is beautiful. that's why we have children, so they can enjoy each other and love each other always and unconditionally. that's why i always wanted a big family. it makes me sad that i can't have that but still happy that at least i have two living children that will forever be bonded together.