Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ransom Note

One of my children held himself ransom yesterday.

I came upstairs to rest for a bit in the afternoon, and my little buddy came bounding into my bedroom.

"Hi, Mom. Can I play with your iPhone?"

"No, bud. Not right now. But, will you snuggle with me? I love to snuggle with you."

"Come on, Mom. I want to play with it."

"No, I just wanna rest and snuggle with you."

With that, he huffed and puffed right out the door.

(I can't blame him. It is pretty cool.)

A few minutes later, he came back into my bedroom. Put this note on the bed.

Closed the door and left.


I will not
come up with until
you give me the [insert drawing of iPhone]
said Jack to Mom

I am still laughing.

No iPhone = No snuggles.

Via ransom note.

Saving this one.

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