Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trampoline Wishin'

We sat and played on the floor this morning.

He'd crawl to this toy and that, then back to me for hugs and reassurance. I love this age. So trusting. So sweet.

But, then he heard them.

Forgetting about me, and placing one hand in front of the other as fast as his little knees could keep up, he crawled to the window.


He just stood there. Staring. Watching his three older brothers jumping and laughing and bouncing - without him.

Then, in a heartwrenching moment for me as his Momma, he reached up and pressed both of his little, chubby, I'm still a baby hands on the glass.

One day soon, my little one. One day soon.


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  1. I'm aweful cause I wouldn't be able to should have you own little playdate with the baby and let him crawl around on it with you laying on it!!! No bouncy brothers....just mom and baby!! GO FOR IT!!!;) LOL!!