Friday, July 22, 2011

What Do You See?

*Updated to add:

Here is the cloud photo I posted last night.


So, I'm on an island all by myself with my answer. {sigh}

I saw a crocodile. (Head in the upper left hand corner.)
My husband saw Scrat from Ice Age in the same place where I saw the crocodile.
My friend, Lauren, saw a kangaroo (head in the center). I totally see that now, too.

Dragon was the most popular answer. Two of you - back to back - said the Road Runner.

Scroll down and read the other answers. I had fun all day trying find what everyone spotted.

Thanks for playing along.


How about something a little bit lighter today?

Because, GOOD GRAVY, my heart can only handle so much AND WE REACHED SO MUCH ON LIKE TUESDAY!

I don't know if it was the movie "Up" that got me started on staring up at clouds, or if everyone spends time looking up at them and spotting things, but I love to do this.

When I first looked at these clouds, something immediately jumped out at me.

I told my husband what I saw. He said, "What? Where? I don't see that at all. I see __________."


I showed this picture to my friend, Lauren. Not even close to either of ours.

All THREE of us came up with something completely different? Wha?

(Shaking my head.)

SO, in the spirit of light and easy after a week of tears and firsts and sweet babies with curls:

What do you see in these clouds?


I'll hide all of the answers/comments until tomorrow (Saturday) night. (Your comment will be there. It just won't show up until Sat. night.)

Then I'll post at the top of this post what the three of us see and we'll all compare notes.

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. i totally see a dragon.

    is that weird?

  2. I see an old man with a white beard smiling at us! (-:

  3. the road runner.

    your posts from earlier this week... breaking this mama's heart. especially those pictures of lincoln. ugh! sweet sweet boy.

    love you friend. you made it through the first week back to school. phew! relax and enjoy the weekend.

  4. I love! looking at clouds. :) I see Road Runner headed to the left in this set.

  5. Nothing really jumps out at me, but if I really study it, I can see a dragon. I'll be interested in the rest of the answers.

  6. Kangaroo( sorry if this is the 3rd comment) doing it from my phone and I'm techno challenged

  7. A baby dragon puffing some smoke.

  8. I see a child's ride on toy and a dinosaur.

  9. The Creation of Adam

    A skeleton dragon

  10. The first thing I saw was the little maple-leaf shaped gap between clouds in the center of the frame.

  11. I see a T-Rex walking toward the left