Monday, August 1, 2011

Everything I needed to know I learned before I was 1.

*Updated: I chose Helen's title: "Everything I needed to know I learned before I was 1." - which she posted on Short Stop on Facebook. It both made me smile and captured my thoughts as I look at this photo: My baby is growing up way too quickly. :(

Thanks for playing along, everybody!


I've got nothin'.

(Except to say: LOOK AT MY BABY tryin' to be all big and whatnot and so forth. I don't think so. I will have NONE of this.)

So, since I'm no good for anything on this one and instead am curled up in the corner with a bag of chocolate covered pretzels lamenting the fact that my baby is trying to grow up, you get to pick the title.

Best, most creative, funniest, most touching, etc. title gets put up top. You can enter as many titles as you'd like.

I'll choose a winner tomorrow (Tuesday) night and post the winning title up top.

Happily in denial,



  1. Oh Maisy, you make my toes curl!

  2. "I shall call Opera now and demand this intriguing read be added to her book club list. Maisy's adventures and quick wit will keep readers captivated for minutes"

  3. Maybe this is too crass, but being the only girl amongst three boys:

    "Today the play room chair; someday, the big boy potty!"

  4. The secret to getting in on that big bouncing thing must be in here somewhere...

  5. Curled (toes) up for reading time. :)

  6. Can I vote for Tammy? That was laugh out loud funny.

  7. Andy made this one up: "Wait...this isn't Biochemistry!"

  8. I know this is too long for a "title" but I can't help myself:

    There once was a boy named Whit.
    Who pulled up a chair for a sit.
    He then picked up a book.
    And gave it a look.
    While his mama denied it....a bit.

  9. "Oh that Maisy and her shenanigans!" -Whit

  10. I was going to say "Storytime. For Babies Only"

  11. I'm catching up on some posts I had missed and saw this one just after the one before it about how your husband is teaching your boys to love and that you hope four little girls will someday be loved by your four little boys. I was so touched by that and prayed for my three little girls to find well-trained, loving boys like that someday. And then I saw this one and my heart melted because my baby girl, my 14-month old, is named Maisy. I prayed again that my Maisy will find a little guy like yours someday!