Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Best Gifts

I have been a mother for over seven years now.

And, one thing still amazes me about my children.

How something as simple as this:


Can create faces that look like this:


They don't really want things.
They don't really want more stuff.

What they want is a memory.

Time with their Dad + Max's small pumpkin that he picked on his school field trip + three ice cream sundaes.

Giving them memories.

Because they are the best gifts of childhood.


  1. You are a great mama. What you say is very true. Most of my childhood memories are not about things, but about people and times and experiences.

    Also, you've been on my blogroll for forever. I <3 your blog.

  2. So true, Sarah! I love reading your blog and seeing you and Jason enjoy your growing family! Great job and praise the Lord! : )