Friday, October 7, 2011

Bye-Bye, Baby.

I have been reflecting a lot lately on how much my first born child is growing.

Becoming his own person.

We laugh together. And, talk about important things. And, actually have a back and forth going on - like a real conversation. I mean, there is rationality involved in the way he communicates - something I wasn't sure would ever develop in the strong-willed three year-old I stared at hopelessly as he writhed around on the floor in full on temper tantrum.

He is our walking, talking answer to many, many prayers.

I spent the morning with him at school today at his Writer's Celebration. Each of the students in his class wrote and illustrated stories and we celebrated with a picnic on the back lawn of the school and each of them presented his/her story.

I sat watching Jack - confidently reading his story about one of his first bike rides with his Dad. I cried. I was overcome as I watched him and just marveled at how he's grown and changed.

He is a boy now. I don't see a shred of toddler left. Even his cheeks have lost their babyness.

This child absolutely delights me.


So, even though I will always see him as my baby - the first, sweet-smelling newborn my husband ever placed on my chest - I realize that he's no longer a baby at all.

In fact:




  1. Sorry Sarah, it doesn't take much to be taller than you ;-)

    Love your Jack! Cannot imagine how much he has grown. I'll never forget my tears the day I watched him smile at me while being his surrogate grandma. Sweet, sweet memory always!

  2. I feel the same way about my R. He is 7, and I love the conversations we have and how we relate to each other in new ways.

    We went to buy shoes last week and he is only 2 shoe sizes smaller than me! At 7!!

    What joy.

  3. @Ginger - {Laughing} I KNOW, right? But, I didn't think it would happen by age 8 or 9. Wah.

    P.S. - he still remembers that day very fondly. Such a special memory!

  4. Oh Sarah... I know what you mean, it's like there growing into little men. I love the little peeks/ little glimpses God gives us of the boys they are growing into. And I love how much you savor and enjoy each stage of your boys. Your an awesome Momma!

  5. I even got a little teary just thinking about him reading that story! He does look so grown up in just the past couple months.

  6. Sarah..just came across your blog today. I love your photography! And you just enjoy those boys while they are still young! My four sons are all grown up now & I wish I could recapture some of the time I had with them when they were little. Every day is precious!