Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hiding It In Their Hearts

For the first time, Jack, Max, and Lincoln attend a weekly Bible club at our church - Awana.

They attend Awana every Sunday night. Jack and Max are in a program called, "Sparks" - for K-2nd graders, and Lincoln is in "Cubbies" - for preschoolers.

Awana has been SUCH a blessing to our family:

- My husband and I were both greatly impacted by our involvement in our church Bible clubs when we were children. We developed meaningful friendships, learned so much about God and His love for us, and just had a ball of fun. We want our children to be impacted in this same way.

- Awana focuses VERY strongly on Scripture memorization. By very strongly - I mean that these children have had to memorize SIX verses in the first three weeks that they've been in Awana - including our three year-old, Lincoln. They recite them for their leaders each week and can move on in their books and receive awards as they make progress by reaching different milestones.

- By helping our children dive into God's word and memorize their verses, my husband and I are re-memorizing them, too. It is so convicting to see your children proudly recite verse after verse. They're hiding God's hope for them in their hearts - what more could we want for them?

- It is quite impossible to write how much joy it brings to us to hear the boys call their grandparents and proudly recite all of their verses to them. Their godly grandparents - who love and encourage us in our faith. Our children are part of such a great legacy of faith - we praise God for that!

- As an added bonus, my husband and I get to sneak away with the baby for dinner or a cup of coffee while the boys are at Awana each Sunday night. This is a great way to end the weekend for us - knowing that the boys are having fun at church, and we can think about the week ahead and just enjoy one another's company.

It is such a delight to us to see our boys loving their time at Awana so much.

Learning God's word, reciting their verses to us at breakfast each morning, and beaming with pride as they return from Awana having accomplished what they set out to do!

Hiding God's word in their hearts.

Thankful for His work in their lives.



  1. Loved this post Sarah. That truth will stay with them forever.

  2. Our boys are doing the same thing! AWANA is such a great program. Glad your boys are having fun!