Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Blinked.

Yesterday, I was holding him for the first time.


Today, I sat on the bleachers and watched him get his first steal.


I blinked - and he's seven.


Playing basketball.
Stealing the ball.
Wearing his game face.
Making his Dad the happiest man alive.

Please pass the tissues.

And, the bon-bons.

Anyone know where I can buy a keep-them-little machine?


  1. Hello Sarah!

    Congrats for your wonderful son!
    Indeed his "game-face" is adorable! ^_^

    All the mommies of the world want to find the "keep-them-little machine". :D

    Keep being a proud beautiful mom! ;)

    Cheers from a Tori-fan from Athens!
    Love <3

  2. My daughter (age 6) explained to me that she had her babies (dolls) at the slow-growing hospital. That's why they don't grow up as fast as she does. She says she was born at the fast-growing hospital. I wish I would have known about the slow-growing hospital, when I was about to deliver her. ;)

  3. Wait until they are all married and you are empty-nesters. Enjoy your time with them - it goes by so fast. I enjoy reading your blog. Your kids are neat!!