Friday, November 4, 2011

Dere Dad

My husband travels quite a bit for work.

It's hard on my kids. It's hard on me.

We are all learning to be thankful.

Yes, learning. Thankfulness is a choice. And, we are all learning that choosing to be thankful helps us to feel thankful.

Thankful for a job that provides for all of our needs and many of our wants. Thankful for a company that appreciates our Daddy/husband. Thankful for God's love that keeps us while he's away.

My boys miss their Dad so much when he's gone. I don't want to be their father when he's away - I am their mother. I am the soft and gentle one who cuddles and comforts and makes cookies and hot chocolate for them.

Dad wrestles. Dad takes them on bike rides and builds LEGO masterpieces and his role in their lives is distinctly and solely his.

I will never be a substitute for him. That is exactly as it should be.

Jack came to me the other day - during one of his Dad's trips away - and handed me a piece of paper.

"Mom, can you mail this letter to Dad?"

"Well, bud. He'll be home in two days. It won't get there in time. How about I take a picture of it and send it to him on his phone?"

"OK, Mom. Can you just make sure he gets it?"

"I will, buddy."


Dear Dad, 10/27/11
Can you give me and
Max a present? We
would like Finn McMissiles.

From, Jack and Max

(Complete with a stamp in the corner.)

Jack wrote a letter asking for presents. But, to my husband - who misses us as much as we miss him - these misspelled words are on-the-road, precious reminders of home.

Two days later, my husband walked through the door.

With a suitcase full of dirty laundry, a travel-worn face, and...

Three Finn McMissiles for his little boys.


It's not easy - being away from one another.

But, we're learning to love each other - in little and big ways. Through handwritten letters with hand-drawn stamps. Through iPhones - our modern day Pony Express. Through three, shiny, blue cars buried at the bottom of Dad's suitcase.

And, we're learning to be thankful.


  1. You are so lucky! You have a beautiful family!

  2. Just checking in on you ...usually read your blog every week and miss ya ! Hope you having a wonderful holiday season!

  3. Hoping everything is ok, Sara...I love your blog and your sweet photos and words. Miss you.