Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's-a Me, Mario!

Wanna know how long they've been planning out their Halloween costumes for this year?

About 364 days.

So, I bought their costumes about 6 weeks ago. Because there was NO WAY I was gettin' into some Cabbage Patch Kid circa 1983 fist fight at Target with another desperate mother 3 days before Halloween - pulling and tugging at the arm of a Luigi costume or Toad hat.

I was asked every single hour yesterday how long it was until they could put their costumes on.

"When Daddy gets finished with work", I replied - knowing I'd need parental backup to control the Supa Mah-dio madness that would ensue the minute they were dressed.

They played the parts - all night long. Oh, how it brought back childhood memories for me of becoming someone else - just once a year.

SO, here they are:

Mario and Luigi.


And, Toad. Who, on Halloween and every other day of the year, wants nothing more than to be part of whatever his brothers are doing.


And, Yoshi. Who is really an alligator, but when I found a $3 costume at the Goodwill that was green and fuzzy, it started to look more and more like Yoshi.

He was so cute toddling around in it.


Every year, I'm amazed at how magical Halloween is for them.

How their faces light up the minute they get dressed.

This year, I'll remember how much they all loved being part of something together:

One, adorable Mario Brothers -

Party of FOUR!



  1. They look great!! My boys would be slightly jealous if they saw this pictures, so this will just be our little secret. :)

  2. Oh my! They are so adorable!

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