Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Love Story, Part 1: The Star Wars Boy

Preface: In honor of a really special day coming up on Thursday, I thought I'd spend the next few days (re)sharing Our Love Story - how I met, fell in love with, and married my husband. How do I sum up what seemed like an eternity of waiting all those years ago? Brevity, my friends. Snippets. The important stuff. That's all you're gettin'. And, I'm guessing, that's all you really want!


College. 1996. Reformed University Fellowship meeting.

I was sitting at a table with some of my girlfriends when he walked into the room. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a larger-than-life Yoda on the front.

He sat across the table from me, and I was periodically distracted by the fact that Yoda was watching my every move.

That's my first memory of him. Yep, the stuff romance novels are made of.

One year (and many icky dining hall meals) later...

I peeked my head into my dorm's study lounge on the way back from class one evening, and he was there playing cards with some of our mutual friends. He was wearing a Star Wars hat.

What was it with this boy and Star Wars?

He slid over just enough to make a spot for me. Loving the competitiveness of any and all card games, I dropped my backpack, and plopped down on the floor next to him.

I didn't really know him; but, he made me laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more. We concluded our card game well after 2 am. I wanted to keep playing. I kinda liked this Star Wars boy.

This boy named Jason.

It was the beginning of our love story. But neither of us knew it

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  1. I love a good love story! I've read part 2 already--I was looking forward to it in my inbox today. Sarah, I just wanted to take the time to tell you I'm reading and appreciating what you have to share!