Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home, again.

We got back from Hawaii this past weekend and I would just like to pause and say PRAISE THE GOOD LORD that my husband let me sleep until 1pm on Sunday because I don't know that I would have survived this week without that bit of grace.

Ever taken a red eye? Well, let me just say that the people folk strollin' through LAX at 4:30am are a very colorful and expressive crowd.

That is all.

My in-laws stayed with the boys all week while we were gone and they were and are such a gift to us. They stepped back in time 30 years and handled every challenge of caring for four children with such grace and love and we are so grateful to them for the way they loved our boys.

We've been taking it easy this week. Our boys are home on a break from school and we've been enjoying 60 degree days outside and playing games and just gettin' back to the normal stuff we do around here.

I've started sifting through our Hawaii photos and well - I did a whole lot of this:


I kind of a little bit love to take photos.

We did and saw so much. We even had dinner with the Obamas. Kind of. Don't really agree with their politics - but they sure know how to pick a restaurant.

I can't wait to share our trip with you and how much fun we had celebrating our first 10 years of marriage in such a beautiful place.

Hawaii is everything you hear it is - breathtakingly beautiful, fun, sunny, warm, sand-between-your-toes delightful.

We showed our photos to the boys.

Max asked when he and his brothers can go to Hawaii.

"When you're older and get married", my husband replied.

Max responded, "Ew. Gross."

Mmm hmm.

We'll see about that, sir.


  1. Funny comment about marriage. My 6 year old daughter asked my husband and me tonight: "How do you love boys without getting grossed out?" LOL

  2. So glad y'all had a good trip. I know it was better because you knew your boys were in good hands. Our kids say they want to go Hawaii all the time. I tell them they will not be going until I go, for sure!

  3. i can't wait to see all your photos. i am in love with the ones i saw on instagram with your iPhone. i can't even imagine the beauty you captured with your SLR.

    i am so happy you were able to get away and celebrate your anniversary. you deserve it!

  4. :) So, so, sooo happy you got to go on the trip of your dreams with the man of your dreams. Can't wait to see those pics!