Monday, February 13, 2012

No Rules

Last night at Awana, the boys had Wacky Tacky night. It's simple: wear-whatever-you-want night.

The rules: There are no rules.


I don't know about your kids - those of you who are raising them alongside of me and those whose kids are now grown - but my kids would like to live in a Wacky Tacky world. When it comes to clothing, they'd like no rules. Every day.

In my house of all boys, I'd be running a col.ony if I let them run the show. Truly. Clothing would be banned. Period. (Is this a boy thing? Cause I don't remember the little girls I nannied ever begging to run around buck nekked.)

I'm not too much of a stickler when it comes to what my boys wear. To school. To church. Anywhere, really. It's just not a battle I choose to fight. Dressing appropriately for weather and occasion? Yes. Important. What goes with what and striving to gain my own personal accolades or approval from others when it comes to the clothing on my kids? Not important to me at all.

So, when last night came around - the long awaited for Wacky Tacky night, my boys got to use their clothing to them.


Whoever they wanted to be.

Offered the same options, same clothing bins, same closet and dresser, they chose their outfits.

And, you know what?

Max is exactly who we think he is.

Little bit gangsta.
All swagger.
Up to somethin'.

And, Jack is exactly who we think he is.

Little bit quirky.
Look at me.


The Swagger.

The Star.

Look out, world.



  1. I have two girls. While the youngest in only 4 months, the almost 4 year old would definitely run around nekkid all the time if I let her. And generally, as long as it isn't too cold and we don't have company, I let her. She has to wear undies but I figure let her be confident and not care right now. She is also allowed to wear what she wants pretty much all the time as long as it is weather appropriate and she has on clean undies! Forcing her to wear what I want her to is just not a battle I am going to fight on a daily basis. Her preschool teacher always compliment her outfits and me for letting her be herself. It also makes it that much less of a battle the few times I actually do make her wear something.

  2. Regarding your earlier tweet, J.D. and I only wish we could dress as snazzified as your two guys. They're rockin' the fashion statements!

  3. I don't know how I missed this, but I LOVE IT... so precious. I love their litle personalities shining through. Truthfully, that is my fav part of not fighting that clothing battle. I too let my kids wear pretty much whatever... and oh the outfits they have come up with over the years. But, I love it. Love their confidence... love that they don't care yet what others think or wear. I have such fond memories of my oldest parading through the grocery store in army costumes wielding guns or super hero capes... and my girls in their blindingly bright and bold colors totally clashing with rain boots on in the middle of summer...