Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Shade of Green

You know that fence?

The one I wrote about the other day? The one that beckons me to look over and want, want, want, what I don't have, have, have?

Well, my baby helped me see something the other day.

He toddled across the family room with his sippy cup dangling from his right thumb, turned the corner, and burst through the doors of my husband's office.

You see, my husband works from home. And, he travels as much as he does because his work takes him out of our home.

But, many days, he is here. Just a toddle away and through a set of french doors. We get to hear his voice as he paces back and forth on the phone and he often eats lunch with us. It's a tradeoff we made when we packed up everything we owned and moved to Raleigh, leaving our life of five years back in the Midwest.

Work from home. Travel more. Bittersweet.

Isn't life like that for all of us, though? We make tradeoffs all the time - one set of "Oh, this is gonna be GREAT" coupled with its counterpart: "I wish this could be different." We want it all. We want Eden in a broken world. In big and little ways. Every day.

I got up from the sofa and turned the corner to head into my husband's office to fetch my little conference call disturber.

And, there they were

Ten tiny little fingers - tapping on the desk in perfect form as they imitated the larger set in front of them - four times their size.

And, there they were.

A set of blond curls - sweetly nuzzled into my husband's chin.


And, there they were.

My first and my last.

'round about noon.

On an ordinary weekday.

In the middle of March.


And, my eyes scan this side of the fence and I'm freshly compelled towards thankfulness:

Indeed, Lord.

You've given us a beautiful shade of green.



  1. Sweet mercy, now you have me all teary eyed, Sar. Your posts do that to me.

    Adorable W. He kills me. I want to wrap my fingers in his curls and the monitor keeps blocking me. ;)

    My fight? My fight is against the pity party I throw every time I realize that whenever I need a doctor visit, I go with a three ringed circus. If I "go there", then I start to grumble that...well... it doesn't matter. I just do.

    And I'm married to the sweetest man on earth, so I have no excuse.

    This week my friend Joyce reminded me of the "sacrifice of praise"... giving our praise in the midst of the storm.

    Today I'm bleary eyed from allergies but I'm going to quiet those voices... the "other fence" voices you talk about... and thank God for what He has given, asking for grace for those circumstances that make me pity.

    Ugh, I hate when I throw pity parties. Fight! Fight!

    Gracious Sarah... Love you! You bring out the grace, girl!


  2. now that's what I talk about when I say to "stop and smell the flowers!!" ....so beautiful, I love this post. I love that the Lord gives us such sweet blessings ..even in the midst of a broken world, its like a little sampling of what Heaven will be like.....it His grace...He doesnt have to do this...He owes us nothing. The least we can do is stop to be thankful instead of looking around at what we don't have. Ugh...but, all day...every day this world programs us to want "more"..to strive for utopia, when in fact, its this world that is suppose to unsatisfy us so that we may yearn and CRAVE for Heaven, and SEEK JESUS. Love you Sarah, keep writing, keep reflecting, and keep that heart tender to those awesome God winks! (((HUGS)))

  3. Love those pictures. My husband is a loan officer, selling home mortgages. He's been commission only for many years now. It is tough. We have had months where the income was $0. But, he is able to come home when I have a doctor's appointment or a kid has a daytime school event. He can come home early. He can coach our son's baseball team. The flexibility he has is essential to how our family functions. We've learned how to live with income inconsistency. I hope we never have to learn to live without the flexibility his job affords, even though we give things up that others with more consistent incomes do not. Thanks for these posts--so much to think about.