Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pieces of "Yes"

This is the type of scene that makes me go a little bonkers.

Little cut up pieces of paper.
Stickers stuck to everything in sight.
Papers. Markers. Papers.

Oh, but they're little for such a short period of time and mess means you're living. Really living. And, mess means you're a good mother.


That sounds good. It sounds quite perfect, actually. But, that is wretchedly hard to live out every day when raising little ones.


So, I give into the easy. The full-proof, guaranteed, mess preventer.

Just two little letters.


No markers out right now.
No, no - not the scissors.
No stick-stick-sticky stickers.

How about you watch a show?

{Have you been there, too?}


But, yesterday - my little boy, who just days earlier was struggling to breathe on an emergency room stretcher - was cutting up little pieces of paper and playing with his favorite stickers from his favorite Miss Chickie.

And, that scene gave me a hefty dose of perspective.

"Yes" isn't always easy.
"Yes" isn't always convenient.
"Yes" cramps my style.


But, saying "Yes", when there is simply no good reason for "No" but my own convenience.

Is always.


The right thing to do.



  1. I get an anxiety attack when my kids get out pla-doh or cut and glue. As for markers, I LOVE colorwonder markers! I gladly pay the extra for the expensive coloring books. My kids love them, too. No ink on anything but the special paper! And I've been known to buy cute stickers for kids and then hide them. :S

  2. oh yeah, yes certainly means MESS....but, it also means "memories" :) With homeschoolin' I had to give up the whole "clean house" thing years ago! LOL
    So glad your little guy is feeling better!

  3. oh yes... I so get this is. And I too am guilty all too often of the No... or maybe even worse, a begruding yes topped off with complaining.

    Thanks for the reminder to keep my perspective!