Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Mysteries of Motherhood

One of the things I love most about being a mother is the surprises I'm privy to along the way.

You. just. never. know.

What they might do.
What they might say.

Or in this case, what you might find.

This was a new one to me.

But, it remains one of my favorite surprises. And, is still as perplexing to me today as it was the day I found it.

Three cheers for the mysteries of motherhood - that keep us laughing.

And, help us embrace the crazy with a smile!

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Originally published January 23, 2009.

I removed a clean load of laundry from the dryer today and found this:

Now, unless I was having one of those I'm so tired I can't see anything including a half-missing arm from my son's pajamas kind of days, I don't recall removing this top from Jack's five year-old, skinny little bod in this condition.

However, being that those days are many, who knows?

So, I put on my Jessica Fletcher hat and got all detective-like and came up with a few possible causes - each disturbing in its own manner - yet each more fraught with possibility than the next.

1. The boys got into a wrestling match of the most aggressive sort that resulted in a lost pajama top arm, and said arm is now stashed in a toy box or under a bed somewhere. (If you don't have boys, this might seem highly unlikely to you. However, as a mother of three of them, I can tell you this was the first thing that crossed my mind.)

2. Some sort of rodent got into our laundry and had dinosaur camo for lunch.

3. Socks no longer satisfy our hunger-ravaged washing machine, and it has now taken to eating extremities.

And, people ask me if I get bored at home.

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