Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Things Change. Some Things Stay the Same.

I've mentioned here before that my boys go to a year-round school. It's a great schedule for us with hot, hot Southern summers and my husband working from home. (You can read more about why we love year-round schooling here.)

This past Monday, Jack and Max started FIRST and SECOND grade!


How can it be?

I've been packing up the bins that I keep in the kitchen that hold the year's worth of school papers, projects, and momentos I want to save and setting up the new bins that will hold this year's set of treasures and thinking about how much Jack and Max have changed this year.

Yes, physically - with the natural progression of time.

But, more so in spirit. Both of them developed a confidence and security this year that...


It looks just like this:


A friend asked me the other day if Lincoln would have a hard time with them leaving for school without him, again.

(Do you remember what happened last year? Oh, it broke my heart.)

I immediately uttered, "Oh no. He's used to it by now. He'll be fine."

As I closed the door behind me after sending Jack and Max off for their first day of school, what I saw on the steps told me I was wrong.

Some things change: Insecure little boys grow into confident ones.

But, some things stay the same:

Little brothers will always long to share new adventures with their big ones.



  1. This just brought tears to my eyes. Not only are your oldest two growing by leaps and bounds, but little Lincoln on those steps...come on Sar! that's just too much :( Hopefully this will be a new year to bond with Whit more and more as he grows.

    I still remembering hearing the stories from my mom about my 3rd brother longing to be like the bigger boys. I think it's just a natural thing.

    1. Ginger - I KNOW - bless his heart. I am praying for just that - that Lincoln and Whit will become really good buddies this year now that Whit's a bit older.

  2. I can so relate to this. My boys are so tight that when my older one goes to school each year, my younger son is sad. This year though...drumroll please...the younger one is going to Kindergarten! So they get to get to go together! Happy day when Lincoln gets to join his big brothers!

  3. SPC - SO happy for your littlest boy! Nothing like Kindergarten! :)