Friday, October 12, 2012

Timeline of My Life

I've come to a few realizations lately.

1. I'm not feeling much like writing. If only the typos in my text messages and emails could talk. They would say something like: "Don't let her try to write anything coherent to anyone. It's ugly." I have always written when the spirit moved. The spirit ain't movin'.

2. I post most of my photos on Facebook these days. Not albums-worth. Just a photo here and there. It's so much easier for me to upload a quick (even if typo-laden) diddy about the kids on there along with a photo than to crack open this dinosaur of a computer, hope it doesn't crash, and fiddle with Photoshop. Y'all, I'm embracing the lazy these days.

3. The squiggly one who has taken over my midsection has zapped most of my energy. Creative, physical, and emotional. I am just a blob of a sleep daydreamer trying to keep my children alive most days. Please pass a blanket, a soft pillow, and a few hours of shut-eye.

BUT, as I was working on Max's school project with him yesterday and browsing through old photos on this here blog, I realized that if I DON'T record things on here - at least for posterity's sake if for no other reason - then I will end up in digital no man's land with photos buried on Facebook and I'll be sad when I'm sixty wonderin' where 2012 went.

So, today - in an emotional breakdown that resulted in the ugly cry, Max walked out the door with his latest school project.

A timeline of his life.

All six itty-bitty years of it.

And, because I also have no energy to lug out my big girl camera, I snapped a few photos of him on his way out the door with my phone. And, promised myself I'd post one here - along with his descriptions of his life so far.

Because, well - it's just that precious.

And, because the sixty year-old future me will sip her Metamucil, pop her daily supply of pills, and break out her ugly cry...

When she sees and remembers the day her six year-old boy walked out the door with his life in his hands.


2006. On February 27, 2006, I was born.
2007. When I was one, I made toilet soup. (This is by far his all-time favorite photo of himself.)
2008. When I was two, I had chubby cheeks.
2009. When I was three, I ate dirt.
2010. When I was four, I started t-ball.
2011. When I was five, I started Kindergarten.
2012. I am six. I love the Baltimore Ravens.

Crazy in love with my little Max.

[insert ugly cry.]

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  1. I love this project! And my 13 week-old son's name is Max. :)