Monday, July 1, 2013

Superstar and Cruise

I sat staring at my first two BFFs today as they ate lunch together.

One of them just finished first grade. His top two teeth are almost in, but not quite - which gives him a killer smile and just the slightest remnant of a lisp. He drove his teacher *almost* to the edge of lunacy with his antics, but she loved him and instead of focusing on the fact that he was the self-proclaimed class clown, she called him her "Math Superstar". Which if you ask Max, translated into "Max Supa Stah". I will always remember her and the way she dished up patience and grace to Max.

 photo 2013-06-24_1372095152.jpg

The other one - well, he's applying to colleges and getting his license next week.

Lord have mercy.

 photo 2013-06-11_1370975697.jpg

At least that's the way he sees it. He dresses himself and things must be just so, or...we're late. This includes the daily application of hair gel and a little comb magic - earning him the nickname "Tom Cruise" at church. Jason gave him an old CD walkman yesterday he found while cleaning out his office and our boy put in his headphones and strutted around the house with all manner of swagger. I might have cried and curled up into a ball in the corner - mourning his lost childhood and then I realized...

An Imagination Movers CD was blaring from the headphones.

YESSSS! Fist bump. Still a baby.

They are both changing so much - my first two boys. The world would have them off on their own, heads buried in electronics, eyes ready for a roll around the block, and lips poised with sarcasm. It takes everything we've got to keep them focused on God's best for them - honoring their parents, loving their siblings, speaking with grace.

As I sat watching them today, I thought to myself how thankful I am that they have each other. I thought I might die the day I brought home a new baby and my *first* baby was just 18 months old and still needing me as much as ever and I wondered how I'd ever survive.

But the bond. The payoff. It's been HUGE.

Things have changed now that we're sitting on the verge of the tween years. They're more best buds and less destructors of property.

They're more books and comics and card games, less "let's smear diaper cream on the sofa."

Thomas Trains? Nope. Flipping off the diving board? Yes.

They are older. They're changing. They're growing up.


They're still peanut butter and jelly.
Still laughter and silly.
Still butt jokes are the BEST THINGS EVER!

And in this Momma's eyes, still those wee babes I've been serving up lunch to...

Long before they were Superstar and Cruise.

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  1. There is nothing better than have "best buds" with your brother.

  2. :) aw, I love this. My boys are 21 months and 7 months now and we're so looking forward to them being 'best buds'!

  3. I love this post. I'm expecting a baby January, and our first son will be 20 months old. There's part of me that wishes for a girl...with hair to braid and maybe slightly less of a wiggle gene than our son has. But reading this almost makes me hope for a boy. So sweet!