Thursday, July 18, 2013

Those Me-Tainted Glasses

So with the school projects.

Let me just say that I am not afraid to use the "Oh, I have five children at home and so we are just gonna do the very best we can, mkay?" card at the mere sighting of a school project assignment.

And, so on the VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (Mercy is for the weak, Daniel son!), Jack's teacher sent home a project for him (read: us) to complete by the next Monday: 

A "Me" Collage.

There were some very, very specific instructions that were to be followed TO THE LET-TER!  Every square millimeter of the board had to be covered.  The specified list of topics she gave had to be represented.  And, so on and so forth.  I *think* it was really an exercise in following directions masked as a reason to paint the house in Elmer's glue and coat the floor in bits of magazine clippings.  

But, alas - we pressed on.

Jason has bucketloads of patience with the kids, except when it comes to school projects. They are his crazy place. So, I sat at the kitchen table with Jack over the period of a few days while he cut and glued and created.

As we sat in the carpool line on the day he had to hand it in, I realized I hadn't taken a photo of his finished collage. And, well - I wanted to remember it.

I wanted to remember what it taught me.

And I never trust that things will return from school in one piece once they've been sent in there. Because my kids create lightsabers out of everything. And a rolled up poster board = lightsaber extraordinaire.

So I snapped a quick photo of it.

It kinda goes like this:

About Me: He loves books and working on the computer.
Favorite foods: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, cookies, and cake.
Home: America. And, Home. Which he told me is where he is happy. (Bless.)
Favorite Color: Blue
My Family: "Mom, we have to put BIG here because we have a BIG family."
"The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me": The day he learned to ride his bike.
Pets, real or wished for: He wants a fish.
"What I like to do with my friends" {upper right}: Play LEGOS and Origami Yoda.

 photo IMG_4899.jpg

I'm just gonna be real honest here.  I don't enjoy doing these projects.  There is usually a nekked toddler running around, someone needing their be-hind wiped, and a kid climbing on a stool looking for my stash of Reese's cups that I *thought* were secretly hidden on the top shelf.

It's just never the peaceful clipping gluing bonding time I imagine it could be. It's almost always Crazytown and I get grouchy and impatient and wanna grab my non-secret stash of Reese's Cups and hightail it into my closet.

But, God - as He does so often in my life and despite my impatience and annoyance, uses one of my children - right in the midst of the crazy - to show me that my me-tainted glasses are blinding me from the beauty before me.

"But, Sarah. Look."

When I grow up, I want to be...

A Dad.

 photo IMG_4901.jpg

I need to back my minivan over those stupid glasses.

I wish it was that easy.

But, I'm working on it.


  1. Priceless!!!!! These are the kinds of things he will always remember, even long after you have forgotten. And, the fact you blog everything so well it will be a memory you will ALL remember!!! Yes - priceless!

  2. Great post, Sarah! It is a process for all mothers! You are doing a great job!

  3. I have just one beautiful son and also am an "only" with two aging parents, but I struggle with the "me-glasses" as well. Thank you for a beautiful and encouraging post!

  4. love this... also love the 'his crazy town.' we all have a crazy town. :) might as well call them what they are.