Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Little Foodie Girl

My little Holland.

This girl has come into my world and turned it upside down with hair bows and pink skinny jeans and squeaky little girly sounds of which I've never heard come from the mouths of my boys.


I haven't written about her much - or I guess I should say I haven't "blogged" about her much, but I've scribbled notes and stories and I've attempted to write her birth story four or five times, but each time I've started to write it, I've been so overcome by emotion that I haven't been able to finish it.

Maybe soon. Maybe not. I guess we'll see.

But, she had a BIG day this week so she's making a little cameo on here. She had her first bite of "real" food. Some baby cereal.

 photo IMG_5747.jpg

And, she LOVED it. So I'm blissfully convinced she's gonna be a foodie just like me and we will travel all over sampling the best cuisine in town. And, we'll cook together and lick the cake batter spoon and we'll don matching aprons and clink our pretend tea cups and...

She'll probably like trucks and cars and Legos. She's got four big brothers. Let's be real here.

But, this girl doesn't even KNOW the awesomeness that awaits her:

Sweet tea
Ice cream
BOJANGLES! {OMG! She just doesn't KNOW.}
Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies (THE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies on earth. Yes, they are.)
Mashed potatoes
Fresh strawberries
And, well...Reese's Cups. Glory Hallelujah!

But, for today, just a bit of cereal and she's all about it.

A video of my little foodie girl.

My pink, squeaky, cryin' for more foodie girl.

Love her so.

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  1. I love it! I only have one boy so far, but all of his friends at our little playgroup are girls and they make those sweet little coos and squeals all of the time! My Johnny just grunts and yells, haha. But I sure love my little man :)

  2. Annie - LOVE those baby boy sounds, too! Nothing like a little boy!

  3. This is great Sarah! What a sweet (not to mention beautiful) little girl. Love those squeaks. :)

  4. Oh just too adorable - been ages since I saw that up close :) She sure loved it!

  5. So sweet!! And I know all about how she rocked your world. Our sixth child, first girl, is three and a half and is still rocking my world. Oh how she's adored!!

  6. Holland is gorgeous! She loved her food doesn't she!