Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Best Sweet Everything There Is

I carried her up the stairs.

All while nuzzling her neck and making baby talk and Who's Mommy's girl? and Are you my sweet little baby doll? and all of the sweet everythings that I whisper to her a thousand times a day.

I changed her into her pink and purple striped pajamas - the kind that zip up the front because they are so much easier than snaps that rebel in an all out coup and refuse to match up at night. And, morning. And, every time.

I gently laid her in her bassinet next to the bed and she cries and buries her head face down and then looks up at me and pleads, "But, I would be so much happier in there with you" and I scoop her up and we snuggle close and she eats and doesn't eat and this is our dance.

All night long.

But, she is my baby and it is my joy and this dance is a beautifully awfully wonderfully exhausting labor of love that I get to pour into her and I know, because I've seen it happen before my very eyes with her band of brothers, that it will be gone in a flash.

A flashdance, yes?

The morning sun began to pour through the window and she squirmed and squiggled and stretched (hello, there three-point Baptist), and I slowly opened my eyes to see the twinkle in hers announcing that, like it or not, morning had arrived and I held her close and while my eyes felt the heavy from an all night dance party, it took, like always, just a look from her to render tired nothing more than a nuisance that coffee will smackdown LIKE A BOSS.

Her brothers entered the room and my husband scooted them downstairs and before he climbed out of bed, he looked over at me and I smiled because there is nothing I love more than waking up next to him.

Then he looked at her: Oh, hi, baby girl.

The girl I cuddled and nursed and snuggled and scooped up and rescued from the utter pits of despair in her bassinet.

Who I danced with all night long. Who I've danced with every night and day for eight months.

Drummed up the very first sweet everything of her little life:


And, he laughs.

Because he wins.

For the fifth time in a row.

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  1. I love this. I love you. "The morning sun..." paragraph...bah ha ha!!! Love how you wrote this.

  2. I want to give you a little hope for the future: my best sweet everything is STILL asleep at NOON after a very long twelve hour day of school, marching band, and football game half-time performance in 90 degree weather. And this dance - well, it makes me miss YOUR dance! :) Go Da-Da! :) I love walking your journey with you through your blog.

  3. I know this dance well, thank your for the reminder of what a sweet blessing it truly is!

  4. Yup, mine too, Da-da first, and especially when he comes home at night and they are standing at the window that's just their height jumping up and down and squealing to see him. ;)

  5.'s sweet to see the relationship little girls have with their Daddy's but it sure would be nice if they said Mama first!! :-)

  6. My little boy first said "Papa" instead of Mama and I was jealous! LOL
    But the funny thing is, he blabs away Pa-pa, pa-pa but when he takes him, he cries and still prefers me. I win! :)

    Grace @ Sandier Pastures

  7. Just like my little girl with her Daddy (4 years ago). So sweet!

    For some reason your slow cooker Mexican pot roast best-thing-ever popped up on my FB feed. I never click on the random stuff that pops up like that, but I'm so glad I did! Love your blog!

  8. You have such an amazing & beautiful family! I can't wait to hear what the first word or syllable my almost 8-month old baby girl will be uttering! Thank you for sharing your stories especially for reminding us all what a blessing it is to be a Mom of one, two, or even a dozen kids -- and that we can "do it" as long as we have our strong faith in God who is the source of all our strength! <*This is also the very first time I'm replying to a blog online as I'm not a very active FB user...just shows how much impact your blogs made!> ;)