Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When He Gives Us Something Better

He wanted a baby brother.

Oh, how he wanted a brother.

So he came to me while my body still carried our new baby, this Open Window of a moment with my boy and I told him God knew and we would pray and trust Him together and he hurried off and I didn't know how his heart would fare if I birthed a girl.

Surely it will be another boy, said everyone always. You have four. It must be another.

And, then she came.

Into our world - a pink, squeaky bundle of baby girl and just moments after she was born, I thought of him and his heart and I could hardly bear the thought of seeing longing on his face if he looked at her and his heart was broken.

Because he is my first baby and I feel this can't put my finger on it connection with him, a bit different from the others, and pain on his face is my pain, too.

It has been eight months yesterday and when I think back on those first moments after she was born, I never could've imagined this love.

This bond.

The way he looks at her and loves her and races through the door after school to play with her.

 photo IMG_5870.jpg

The look on his face when he holds her and the day he begged us to bring her to his class play because "Everyone will love her. And, she's so good Mom and it's okay if she cries because it's soft and..."

"Mom, she's our girl."

 photo IMG_3891.jpg

And, his love for her reminds me.

Of His love for me:

Sometimes God doesn't give us what we ask for.

He gives us something better.


  1. love it - not surprised - she's HIS girl - forever :)

  2. i love the "can't put my finger on it connection" comment. Its exactly how I feel about my first born.

  3. Well said all the way around. Very similar to my oldest son and my daughter's bond. The words,"Sometimes God doesn't give us what we ask for. He gives us something better." moved me. Thank you.

  4. I love this. I'm so glad I discovered your blog with the "moms of 1 or 2 children" post. I'm only on my first child but pray that God will bless me with more--and with the ability to handle more. I can only hope that my son will adore his younger siblings, and especially (hopefully?) a younger sister, like your sweet boy loves his.

  5. So very special! That little girl's future boyfriend(s) better watch out, they will have to answer to Jack first!

  6. Oh, this post gave me chills (in a good way). So beautiful and so, so true. Love their special bond! And the great reminder :)

  7. My daughter wanted a baby sister so while I was pregnant, I kept it a secret from her as long as I could..especially after knowing we're having a boy! But now, she adores her little brother so much (She's turning 10 and he's turning 2)that she's not only a little sister but a mini-mom!

    Grace @ Sandier Pastures