Friday, September 20, 2013

{No, Really!} BEST. DAY. EVER!

Fact: Sometimes, hyperbole is needed.

Like yesterday, for example.

After school pickup, we headed to the airport to baggage claim the Daddy/Husband/KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR ON WHITE HORSE ARRIVING IN THE NICK OF TIME TO RESCUE ME WHILST I HUNG BY A THIN, THIN THREAD from a few days of mothering that about whipped me sideways and upside down and sent me to Crazytown.

Because his flight was delayed (Dreaded news to a crazed Momma hanging on by sheer molecules of her sanity), we played at the Aiport Observation Park and watched planes come and go and counted down the minutes until "Sir Knight Rescue" landed in all of his back-up parenting splendor.

This is the trademark end of summer Carolina sky. (*all iPhone photos today) After years of being spoiled by it, I am still amazed as I watch it roll in. It is usually followed by a morning rain and it is simply breathtaking when the sky does this.

 photo IMG_6458.jpg

Before we headed to the airport, I scurried around trying to find bits and pieces of costumes and dress up stuff so that we could have a fun night out.



And, there was somethin' goin' on that we HAD to do.

This sign? I am CERTAIN they have it in Heaven.

"Oh, Heavenly Host of Angels - the HOT NOW sign is on at Krispy Kreme." And, they fly their way over and break into song and the trumpets sound and the Gospel choir can't sway and clap loud enough.

That's how I imagine it anyway.

 photo IMG_6436.jpg

It went like this:

Dress like a pirate. Get ONE DOZEN donuts.


So, in the parking lot of the Airport Observation Park (Hi, cameras!), my littles rolled up their jeans, changed into white t-shirts, and donned all manner of randomness I found around the house to become:

A little misfit band of pirates.

 photo IMG_6453.jpg

That scored us:


 photo IMG_6442.jpg

Donuts for dinner? Yes, please.

Afterwards, we used Raleigh as our personal Costo sampler and drove to Moe's because they were celebrating their 10th anniversary and having Free Queso night.

Chips and queso for dessert? Yes, please.

This is my little Whit's happy place. Mine, too.

 photo IMG_6447.jpg

Jack: Mom, enough with the pictures.

Max: Arrrgghhh! (He's our Jim Carrey. Never out of character).

Lincoln: And, so, in conclusion, this is why I should have another donut in the car. (District Attorney Child: Always giving closing arguments on some injustice he's experiencing. Thin, thin thread, people.)

Whit: Nom. Nom.

(Side note: I was feeding Holly under cover and when I pulled her out, the lady behind us (not so discreetly) gasped to her friend: "OH MY GAWD, the last one's a GIRL!!" Why, yes. She is. And, I CAN HEAR YOU!)

 photo IMG_6444.jpg

And, so.

SIX bowls of queso.
FIVE dozen Krispy Kremes.
FOUR over-sugared little buddies.
THREE hours of "Let's make a mess not in our house!"
TWO parentals who stayed up late horking down Krispy Kremes.
ONE misfit band of pirates.

Total cost: FREE.

And, so with that, our little pirates along with their parents, ALL declared:


 photo IMG_6453.jpg


  1. I love everything about this post!

  2. LOL! I love the lady at the restaurants comment...:-) By the way, your children are just ADORABLE!!!

  3. Awesome, just a few more lines and you would have your own version of the 12 days of Christmas!

    Love your blog, only found it recently. It is great, you have a good way of putting things. I have 3 boys, so know some of what you go through!

    Please keep writing, I love reading them.

  4. happy tears on this one... happy tears. :) Everything you write makes me happy. Hits me right there.

  5. Hi-freakin'-larious. This from the wife/mom whose house flooded yesterday thanks to a malfunctioning toilet in the back bathroom (seriously - all carpet is now ripped up and those obnoxious blowers are going 24/7 in here), and who then spent today nursing a sick little, culminating in the act of catching projectile vomit into a swaddle blanket as we were pulling into the parking lot of the ER because, of course, the throwing up started AFTER the pediatrician's office was closed. I could use some free Krispie Kreams, yo. Have another one for me, K? xo