Saturday, February 8, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge: Our Favorite Winter Getaway

I have no idea where to start.

I want to begin writing on here, again - sharing our family memories and whatever else I feel like writing/rambling about and I don't know where to begin or if I need to know or if it matters or any of that nonsense. But, this has never failed me: Just start typing and see where it takes you, Sar. Simple enough.

So, I'll just start with yesterday. And, the two days before that.

When we want to get away during the colder months, we hop in the car with little more than bathing suits and a pair of pjs, and head to our favorite winter destination:

Great Wolf Lodge. (Known as GWL from here on out because I've got about 20 minutes to throw this post up before my baby wakes up and three letters might save me like TWO minutes. Those are golden to me these days.)

If you've never been to GWL, it's a large, lodge-themed family hotel with a waterpark in the middle. We've been going to GWL since Jack was a baby, and with each changing stage in our kids' lives, we love it more and more.

We swam, went water slidin', bucket splashin', played water basketball, jumped on lily pads, ate snack bar nachos and soft pretzels, went to evening storytime, played on jet skis, napped, laughed, and spent three days totally waterlogged.

We'll go back, again. And, again. And, again after that.

I love these memories.

I love these children and their Dad.

I love who we are when we get away from our daily life and slow down and enjoy one another.

Here are some of my favorites. As told via my iPhone. (Because my big girl camera stayed home this time.)

My Max. He keeps changing. Growing up. I saw it so much on this trip. And I want to crawl in the corner and wail. But man, such a great kid.

 photo IMG_6685.jpg

"I shoot you. I shoot that baby. I shoot that wittle gwail over there, too." When your three-year old is telling everyone in the pool he's going to shoot them, it's like he's a card carrying member of the N*RA. So we just smiled politely and told him to carry on.

 photo IMG_6684.jpg

Storytime. * our matching jammies. Hashtag matching jammies. (Because when you find Chima pjs on clearance at Target and Chima is ALL THE RAGE in your house, you buy them in EVERY size even if matching pjs kind of make you wanna state a disclaimer: "We're not magoo, ok? They were on clearance at Target. And, I'm cheap.")

 photo IMG_6519.jpg

While her brothers were water slidin', we were splish splashin'.

 photo IMG_6601.jpg photo IMG_6599.jpg
 photo IMG_6546.jpg

Sunny breakfast.

 photo IMG_6695.jpg

Little. Big. (The way Jack loves her. It's beautiful to me.)

 photo IMG_6809.jpg photo IMG_6808.jpg

Lincoln has been scared every time we've come here. Of the slides. Of the deep water. This time? No fear. So confident. So proud.

 photo IMG_6686.jpg

If Whit ever stops wearing his Crocs on the wrong feet, I'm taking to the bed for a week. It's his signature look and I don't want him to ever stop wearing them like this.

 photo IMG_6606.jpg

Our little Holly. She was unsure at first. Then got braver and braver. I love that she watches her big brothers and when they encourage her, she knows she can do it.

 photo IMG_6743.jpg
 photo IMG_6744.jpg
 photo IMG_6716.jpg

It's exhausting being so brave.

 photo IMG_6735.jpg photo IMG_6732.jpg

When you know the candy bracelet you won playing skee ball really gives you superpowers.

 photo IMG_6814.jpg if there was any doubt.

Nobody puts baby in the stroller.

 photo IMG_6812.jpg


  1. I love your posts! It's always great seeing your pix on IG, but there's just something about your blog posts that is really fun and exciting to read! :) And man, I reaaaally want to check out GWL now!!! (After this and after seeing the CEO of GWL on Undercover Boss!)

  2. I love your blog! And this has given me excitement to start going to GWL with my crew. After our surprise babe #3 we never thought we'd travel again with three kids under 5 but you make it look all the rage ;) LOVE how you process life and point readers to King Jesus. Thanks from a fellow Momma!