Friday, November 14, 2014

The Family Schedule: Are We Blocking Our Kids' View of God?

I carry a card in my daily planner.

It's tucked in the back pocket - where I reach for my pens every day - so that I will see it.

Every time I reach to plan for our life.

 photo 8f43e735-8a20-48dd-8d10-fedf5a0725f2.jpg

Why this card?

What's so special about it?

Several weeks ago, we visited some dear friends at their church. Throughout the sermon, I looked over at Jack and noticed that he was taking notes. Which he does regularly when he's sitting in church at home with us.

After church, as we were leaving, I looked down at what he'd written.

And, I was instantly brought to tears.

"You will be [generous] when you live around [generous] people."

Yes, yes, and yes!

"We have a loving and [generous] heavenly father."

YES. We do.

"We should be loving and [generous neighbors].


 photo b0d6e4f9-395f-4409-b974-511123a88fe6.jpg

But, it was the end of his notes that left me totally undone.

"Some fathers block the view of God."

And, then Jack added his own thought:

"But, not mine."

 photo 61537bf2-bcbd-49bd-a192-3d0e19a3d38.jpg

(I cried ugly, y'all. UGLY.) Because Jason - he leads and loves them (and me) right to Jesus.

{He would tell you otherwise - that he is royally screwing all of us up which makes him even more annoyingly lovable, dang it.}

I now keep this in my planner - where I see it EVERY DAY - because when I plan and dream and schedule what our family life will look like, I want to NOT block their view of God.

With hurriedness.
With impatience.

And, that is SO easy for me to do.

We need family space and margin - to live and love each other well. We need quiet, we need dinner together, we need time to talk and share. We need to NOT overschedule so that we can pour the Gospel into them. Every day.

God has been so good to us. He's the very breath we breathe. But, can they see Him in all the busy?

I struggle to find balance here - to live good life with them and LIVE BIG and FULL.

So now, I carry a reminder. That card up there. So that in the midst of life and schedules and appointments and sports and play dates and vacations and fun times together...

I am ALWAYS planning with purpose - thinking, and asking:

Can they see Him today?


  1. Keep pressing on toward that goal my friend. Seems like just a few short years ago when we had three littles who were teachable and yearning. Then the time came when we had to let one go as she chose her own path. I hope she still sees glimmers of Him as she walks through life. I pray that we never blocked her view.

  2. YES and YES and YES and AMEN. I learn much from your marriage and family.

  3. TEARS! I am so glad you're writing again. Your words always make me smile and often deeply encourage and challenge me as a wife and mama to my boys. Thank you!

  4. Woooo! That makes ME ugly cry! I love this.

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