Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Outer Banks + Us

My family packed up and went to the Outer Banks for a week in October. One of our favorite things about year round school is that we get long breaks throughout the year to skip away on vacation when the crowds are working and schooling.

I don't know what it is about the beach, but we've discovered that the beach is where we ALL can really vacation. The mama - she gets to rest (Glory Hallelujah). The Dad - so does he. We can read, and nap, and play. All of us. Together. No lines. No theme parks to manage. Life slows down at the beach, and we slow down with it.

We lived SUCH good life that week. Jason's parents joined us for part of the week and we were so thankful to have them with us.

We walked into our beach house and I stood on the balcony looking out over the ocean and thought:

This. This is what my heart needs this week. The ocean. And, my people.

So what does a beach week in October look like for us?

 photo IMG_6813.jpg
 photo IMG_6824.jpg
 photo IMG_6821.jpg

It's waking up to see the sunrise because you want to, not because you have ANYWHERE to go.

 photo IMG_6833.jpg
 photo IMG_6852.jpg
 photo IMG_7287.jpg

It's walking on the beach.

 photo e424e71d-dcfe-4e97-907f-d752bf61fa1e.jpg
 photo DSC_4150.jpg
 photo DSC_4174.jpg
 photo caf13602-7bba-4164-aa83-fa9ef6b9fe97.jpg
 photo d9e68c85-bc88-4876-aff4-48e9d1b9a5b1.jpg

And running, too.

 photo DSC_4325.jpg
 photo DSC_4473.jpg

And, playing. All day. Waves and sand and football and buckets and shovels and salty air.

 photo IMG_7041.jpg
 photo 882de514-07e8-497a-9655-dfb75eee8f78.jpg
 photo e7146597-14c6-4bf3-81db-5ebf848ce001.jpg
 photo DSC_4214.jpg
 photo DSC_4257.jpg
 photo DSC_4337.jpg
 photo f8cb0094-69c9-43a4-bb36-c45855e16023.jpg photo DSC_4341.jpg
 photo DSC_4519.jpg

It's thinking and dreaming and wondering and hoping and remembering.

 photo DSC_4475.jpg
 photo DSC_4492.jpg
 photo 64049ad1-42c2-4cc6-b895-ddd03d057ae8.jpg
 photo IMG_6970.jpg

It's basketball and golf and Cloudy. With a chance of girl time.

 photo IMG_7317.jpg
 photo IMG_7334.jpg
 photo IMG_7159.jpg

It's the bar sink of drippy joy and hot tubbin' and real tubbin'.

 photo IMG_7174.jpg
 photo IMG_7241.jpg
 photo IMG_7243.jpg
 photo IMG_6867.jpg

And, sunsets on the Sound.

 photo DSC_4083.jpg
 photo IMG_6927.jpg
 photo 1dbbbcf2-4e98-46c5-9d13-435cb5126cca.jpg

This week.

My people.

It's this safe space where we step away and love hard.

It's us.

Being us.

And, I'm so thankful for it.

 photo IMG_6952.jpg photo IMG_7121.jpg
 photo IMG_6998.jpg


  1. I love that y'all got to do this!!! And I love y'all!!! ❤️

  2. Adore this. And you. And your people.
    Glad you had this time to just be.

  3. You guys...can it get any more precious and adorable!? Can't stand how adorable you all are! the pic of you and Jason smirking at the can you NOT fall in love with this family?! And the pic of you and little Holly...I want that on my wall...Love you, girl!!

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