Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Family {Easter 2015}

Can I just tell you how unspeakably grateful I am for these six people?

How much joy they bring to my heart...

How fun and unique and different each one is from the other...

How each face is a precious and sweet reminder to me of God's grace to me...

And, how on Easter, every year, I feel an utter sense of awe that God would give His only son, Jesus, to save and rescue them. When I can't imagine for even one moment giving up one of my children to save anyone else.

God has been so good to me to let me love them.

Happy (belated) Easter, friends.

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  1. You know how special these kids are to you and can you even imagine how special they are to God? That is what I think when I look at my grown up kids and my grown up grandchildren.....God's love is unbelievable....but so right and sure. Blessed Easter to you are your family.