Monday, July 18, 2016

First Day of School and HELLO, Kindergarten!

Somebody started Kindergarten today!



Nah to the ah to the no no NOOOOOOO!

I asked him if he wanted to stay home with me.

His response:


Jason: I don't think anyone has ever been more ready for Kindergarten.

I mean. I guess I can't argue with that. He's only been counting down for the last EIGHT months.

"How many more months til Kindergarten, Mom."
"How many more weeks now?"

And, at about for months out, we started on days.

"MOM, Dad said it's only one hundred and seven more days!"

But, the BEST part of starting Kindergarten for our confident, free spirit is that he FINALLY gets to go with his brothers.

No more looking longingly out the car window.
No more I AM SO BORED.
No more NAPS! (Naptime graduation is BIG TIME in our house. Congrats, Whit!)

They're headed off to a new adventure - my four buddies.

That one on the left starting middle school? He's been down this road six times before - this new year thing.

He's the leader of this band of brothers and he stands so tall in that role.

They're so ready to take on the new year. All FOUR of them.

I walked Whit in today - wondering if he'd have ONE shred of pause.

Nope. He never looked back.

He was made to fly.

And, he's gonna soar.


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